Athlete Tracker

Athlete Tracker partnered with Image Traders to develop a brand, online identity, statistics package, reporting facilities and a mechanism to enhance personal or professional growth for athletes. The market was saturated with sports tracking systems however Athlete Tracker offered brilliance in its field.



  • Development of Corporate Identity
  • Feature Packed Content Management System
  • Responsive Website Development
  • Iphone and Android App
  • Event & Program Scheduling 
  • Worload Level Monitoring
  • Performance Analysis & Video
  • Diet, Nutrition & Hydration Plans
  • Rest, Recovery & Wellbeing Tracking
  • Injury Management & Rehab Reports
  • Coach, Personal Trainer or Mentor Dashboards
  • Talent Identification Tool
  • Management of Paid Search Campaigns & Retargeting
  • Extensive R&D for Organic Search Engine Optimisation Strategies
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation to Improve Customer Acquisition
  • Analytical Reporting for Client Retention 
  • Multivariate Testing 
  • Print Media Design & Implementation
  • Social Media Branding and Advertising
  • Website Hosting





Image Traders successfully built a user friendly website portal which utilised a powerful Content Management System. The Athlete Tracker system allowed a coach, mentor, physio, doctor or club ability to connect and access the parts of the athletes data they need. It also gave the athlete ability to track and monitor workloads and their performance.

The join rate after launch of Athlete Trackers new image increased by an unforseen 81%. Athlete and customer retention surveys show a system daily use of 75% from all participants which continued to perform past our expectations. Athlete Tracker was successful in the bid to supply some of Australia's most well know sporting organisations with their tool and currently has over 200,000 active members.