Digital Asset Management

Just like with your tangible assets, you need to keep track of whats happening with your assets in the digital space.

Efficiently Organise, Store and Distribute Your Digital Assets.

In the digital age, managing digital assets like images, videos, and documents efficiently is crucial.

At Image Traders, our digital asset management services provide a number of solutions.


Centralised Storage

We provide a centralised repository for all your digital assets, making it easy to access and manage your media files.


Our system allows you to categorise, tag, and organise digital assets for easy retrieval and distribution.

Version Control

Keep track of different versions of your assets, ensuring you always use the latest and most relevant content.

brand guidelines

Access Control

Assign access rights and permissions to different users or teams, controlling who can view, edit, or download assets.


Easily share and distribute assets within your organisation or with external partners, ensuring consistency in branding and messaging.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain insights into asset usage with analytics and reporting features, helping you make informed decisions about your digital content strategy.