GBE Group

23 Years Of Partnership Transforming GB Electrical Into GBE Group

Project Brief

Over two decades ago, GBE group formally known as GB electrical, a business in its infancy, required a dedicated marketing agency to streamline in marketing efforts.

GBE sought a marketing specialist who could build an intimate knowledge of their trade to drive the growth of the business. The business required an agency to manage the full spectrum of marketing needs including website development, print, design, SEO and digital strategy.


GBE Group aimed to simplify its marketing processes and achieve substantial results. By partnering with Image Traders, their objectives were:

Simplified Marketing: To streamline and simplify the multifaceted marketing landscape for a growing business.

Results-Driven Approach: To achieve strong and measurable outcomes without the overhead of an in-house marketing team.

Project Wrap Up


Image Traders set out to deliver a comprehensive range of services tailored to GBE Group’s needs, including:

Cost per Click Improvements: Implementing strategies to optimize Google Ads campaigns, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Traffic Generation: Driving targeted traffic to GBE Group’s digital assets, including their website and online platforms.

Ad Creation: Crafting compelling advertisements that resonated with GBE Group’s target audience, enhancing engagement.

Logo and Branding: Evolving GBE Group’s branding to reflect their growth and market positioning.


At the heart of this enduring partnership was a strategy that transcended traditional client-vendor relationships. Image Traders and GBE Group became true business partners, working collaboratively to:

Business Integration: Image Traders seamlessly integrated into GBE Group’s ecosystem, ensuring a deep understanding of the business model

Customer-Centric Approach: By immersing themselves in GBE Group’s world, Image Traders developed an acute awareness of customer requirements, tailoring strategies accordingly.